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If you are struggling with sleeping at night, blue light may be the issue. Over the years, humans have evolved to wake up when sunlight hits their eyes. This sense is based on our eye’s ability to detect blue light emitted by sun rays. This blue light then acts as a blocker for a sleeping hormone, called Melatonin, which is a vital role in your daily rest. As a former Aerospace Engineering student, one of the many things we went over was the electromagnetic spectrum. 

As some of you may know, light is made up of photons (basically electric particles), and all have individual wavelengths; but humans are limited to seeing a small percentage of these wavelengths. This is what we call visible light. As a general rule of thumb, the longer the wavelength, the less powerful it is. This is shown going left to right on the image below. Without getting too out of this world, everything from purple to orange will emit blue light which will hinder your sleep. Leaving pure red as the only visible color that does not emit blue light.

Now you can either sit in the dark alone for your body produces enough melatonin; OR, you can buy SOLEX™ LED Lights to light up your red oasis while also having a good night’s rest! So take my advice,turn on your SOLEX LEDs once the sun is down, and turn them on to red so you never have a restless night again.

 Solex™ led lights

Turn off your phone, your PC, your TV or whatever other blue light emitter is in the room and plug in the SOLEX™ LED Lights to get over your restless nights.

  • 17 feet per set
  • Auto-timer
  • Wi-Fi app controlled
  • Thousands of customization options
  • Super-bright WS2811 5050 chips

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Red LEDs in background
Rainbow LEDs in living room

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